Mike Horner, COO

Mike began his career in direct response in 1997, specializing in all aspects of media placement, campaign management and strategic development. After years of helping clients realize their dreams of successful business ownership, Mike co-founded AOR Direct, LLC, a comprehensive media agency based on service, accountability, and the belief that by using “All Our Resources,” success is always within reach.

After graduating from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising emphasizing marketing and media relations, Mike joined New Strategies where he became part of one of the most successful informercial campaigns of all time. He quickly rose to senior media buyer, which allowed him to experience the inner workings of direct response and truly appreciate how all of the pieces fit together. Communicating with call centers, coordinating traffic, and evaluating product offers became the foundation of his well-rounded product marketing expertise.

In 1999, Mike changed his focus to general advertising by joining Thelen Pollick Advertising as media buyer and planner for several high profile clients such as Motorola, Maracay Homes and Arizona State University. This position afforded him the opportunity to work with considerable media budgets and take a lead role in pitching some of the largest accounts in Arizona.

Mike made the jump back to his true professional calling in 2000 by joining Apex Media in Scottsdale, Arizona. As a media buyer and client services representative, he was able to utilize his years of experience with media placement and product evaluation, as well as offer construction and strategic development. Mike soon became the go-to resource for everything related to start-up direct response campaigns, vendor relations, and media test/rollout placement.

Over the years, Mike has had the good fortune of developing long-lasting relationships with colleagues in every corner of the direct response industry.

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