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A Little More About Us

AOR Direct is a full-service direct response media agency based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

With more than 85 years combined experience in direct response and infomercial marketing,

our team is committed to maximizing ALL OUR RESOURCES to build relationships between

product marketers and direct marketing vendors.We stay ahead of changing market trends, offering

big picture marketing solutions with hands-on, detailed service for entrepreneurs and product marketers.

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The AOR Direct Team










  • Team AOR: Lisa, Sabrena, Cindy, Chris, Mike, Alysa & Sandy


  • Mike and Chris, 2014




  • Team AOR on the 16th hold at the 2013 Waste Management Phoenix Open


  • Suzy DaSilva of Competitive Edge, Chris of AOR, Bill Raymond of Cannella Response - LA
  • & Adam Carillo of Script to Screen at AOR Direct's 4th Anniversary Party


  • Mike of AOR, Scott Swanson of Synergex, Matthew Bock of Triton Technologies, Greg Hanover
  • of LiveOps & Dan Donati of Response Magazine at AOR Direct's 4th Anniversary Party


  • Magic Johnson and Chris at Response Expo 2011


  • Todd Thill of Thill Logistics, Mike of AOR & John Yarrington of
  • Response Magazine enjoying our 3rd Anniversary Party


  • As part of our anniversary celebration each year, we invite a group of industry leaders to enjoy the party
  • atmosphere of the skyboxes on the 16th hole at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.