Mobile Marketing

AOR Mobile introduces a complete mobile response system for DRTV advertisers enabling consumers to order DRTV products via their mobile device. Based on innovative technology, the new mobile solution makes mobile response marketing more personal than ever before. What makes it so great?

  • Simplified platform serves up a tailored purchasing experience based on consumers’ specific mobile device
  • No need to download an app
  • Convenient, easy and effortless ordering process
  • Real-time campaign monitoring and adjustment to maximize response and minimize expenses
  • Easy to execute, distribute and process
  • Fully automated order capture process
  • Seamless integration with live call centers
  • Ensures consistent consumer experience
  • Effective with television, web, print and out of home media
  • Easily cultivate and maintain ongoing consumer relationships long after initial sale
  • Significantly reduces the capture cost-per-order
  • Leverages the most rapidly growing and preferred communication channel among consumers

Multiple Methods of Response:

Key Word Response
Text & WAP capable phone
Active text plan with carrier
Active data plan with carrier

QR Code Response
WAP & Camera Capable phone
QR code capture mobile app
Active data plan with carrier




And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Contact us today to get in on this cutting-edge shift to mobile response in DRTV.